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An experiential media scape that negotiates the liminal sphere between actualities of the virtual and physical world. Ahead of the viewer, spins an encrypted maze juxtaposing internet-click-bait-debris with philosophical notions of realties make-up. The repeating objects within it, alternate between physical and virtual variations of the same object (or its representation), forming one of the most identifying feature in the aesthetic vocabulary of the work. It is not only the disintegration of binaries, such as, virtual/physical, or real/fake they become to embody but the very pattern of feedback loops attuning our interconnected lives.

The mirroring realms, are deeply influenced by Baudrillards concept of Hyperreality, which dismantles a hierarchy between the mediated and the immediate experience, claiming the very fabric of our reality is as much enmeshed with our own lives, as it is, with the media we consume, consciously or subconsciously.

But what role does the proliferation of images that surround us have and who might be benefiting from their accelerated and micro targeted outputs.

These and other questions concerning the collective psyche of a post-internet temporality are underlying the playful amalgamation of techno-artifice and organic cross breeds, contained in Carmens&Luisas universe.

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